Reinforcement of concrete structures is a common practice in construction, which helps to significantly extend the life of components and buildings in general. We will talk about the methods of such amplification and consider their characteristics, as well as the methods to implement the basic technologies.

In addition, additional procedures can be included in the work package, such as the elimination of defects and cracks by injection, gluing, other measures to restore the integrity and solidity of the products and their parts.

Measures to strengthen the supporting structures of buildings are more complex and are considered more responsible for building from scratch. This is due to the fact that in case of recovery it is not possible to calculate all the processes accurately since the initial data are insufficient and inaccurate.

Furthermore, the work is connected with old buildings, and we do not know the status of the internal and hidden units, the reinforcement, the effective distribution of the loads and other important parameters. Furthermore, such work is dangerous and requires strict compliance with safety regulations and a variety of safety measures.

It should also be noted the special conditions of construction, according to which one must work in narrow spaces, without interrupting the activities of the object or company in which the work is carried out, with limited access to special equipment and other unavoidable restrictions. This imposes some difficulties and requires special training for the builders.

Finally, work is very often limited in time and does not tolerate delays or changes in terms and times. Moreover, it complicates the process and requires a serious work organization, a proven methodology and expert installers.

Considering all the difficulties and problems listed, it is not surprising that these activities are controlled by public services and require a high responsibility of contractors, designers, labor protection specialists, and other process participants. The projects go through different phases of coordination and should be drafted in the most competent and correct way possible.