Card Counting Case

Don’t make a mistake about it-stealing a casino is not easy. The gambling facility protects money with sophisticated security systems, hundreds of live cameras, and a large staff who keep an eye on the table.

Many people around the world are still trying to make it like Danny Ocean and steal it from the Malaysia sportsbook. Anyone attempting to rob a casino is sure to pile up their cards, but sometimes people can pull off such stunts.

Don’t Stop OCEAN’S 11

Three old men robbed an Argentine casino of $ 240K by lowering themselves through the skylights of the room used to count money.

Movies like Ocean’s 11 may give the impression of sneaking into a casino like a slim, stealth Brad Pitt, but not for Argentine casino robbers. On September 8, 2011, three casino robbers in their 60s stole millions of pesos. The three old man robbers entered the casino by opening the skylight and quietly sitting down in the room used to count money. Workers reportedly went unnoticed by the intruder until they seized the money. Before escaping, one of the robbers shot countless room managers … in places diameters everywhere! The men managed to escape with cash. Unfortunately for them, the escape driver was also an avid blackjack player at the same facility, and witnesses quickly recognized him while he was waiting in the parking lot. Each of the three men was put in jail for 15 years and retired on time. By the way, the man’s shot recovered from the injury. Card counting case

Technically, it’s not stealing

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard both represent the two most prestigious universities in the world and are also known as the best casino haste. In the 90’s, a group of students created millions of cards at Blackjack tables in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. The basic scheme keeps track of which cards have already been played and knows the probability of receiving high cards (10, J, Q, K, A) and low cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6). I will.

The casino has the right to throw away those who are suspected of counting cards, but technically they didn’t do anything illegal. The team has grown over the years and won prize money. Eventually, some of the members sold their names to Griffin Agency, an organization hired by casinos to track card counters, but many of them continue to cash in at casinos around the world.

Another notorious casino robber used a laser device that several clever gamblers sneaked into a casino in London. In 2004, a Hungarian woman and two Serbian men entered Ritz Casino in London with a laser scanner attached to a mobile phone linked to a remote computer. They used a scanner to detect the speed of roulette and predict the results. They were arrested, but the trio continued to win after the judge ruled that they had not committed any illegal activity and left for £ 1.3 million!

Not so lucky with the other hand

A man hacked into a video surveillance system stole $ 33 million from a casino in Melbourne, Australia. Then there are bandits who scammed Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia for $ 33 million. In March 2013, he broke into a casino security surveillance system with high-resolution pan, tilt, and zoom cameras. While the thief was sitting at the high stakes VIP table, a friend watched the camera and relayed another player’s card through earphones. The scammers initially fled with scams until the casino caught them a few weeks later.

Like stealing candy from a baby

Bill Brennan brought out $ 500,000 in cash and chips during the lunch break to make the casino robbers look like they were stealing candy from their babies.

The story of Bill Brennan is inscribed in history as one of the most incredible stories of casino robbers. Bill Brennan worked as a sportsbook cashier at Stardust Casino. On a sunny September afternoon in 1992, Brennan didn’t throw a bag filled with $ 500,000 in cash and casino chips during his lunch break. Brennan was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, but remains large after more than 20 years. Card counting case

Casino robbery is surprisingly frequent around the world. From card counts to laser scanners, people have spent a lot of time knocking down their homes. It may seem easy, but in the end, these guys are betting their lives on trying to rob a casino. For the rest of us, we’re happy to stick to some rounds of Malaysia betting site, thank you.…